Want to set your XAML property value to an object?

Do you want to set your XAML property value to an object, the answer is Markup Extensions. Markup Extensions helps you set XAML property values to an object or may be dynamically at runtime.

For example, suppose you want to set the the Foreground property for a TextBlock control to the static property SystemColors.ActiveCaptionBrush. You can achieve this through the code behind through the following statement:

textBlock.Foreground = SystemColors.ActiveCaptionBrush;

Alternatively, you can do this through the XAML editor directly using the following statement:

< TextBlock x:Name="textBlock" Foreground="{x:Static SystemColors.ActiveCaptionBrush}" / >

Markup extensions is used through the syntax {MarkupExtensionClass Argument}. In this case, the
markup extension was a StaticExtension class, SystemColors.

MarkupExtension must be enclosed within braces { }


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