Live webinar: Accelerate the deployment and provisioning of your SharePoint e-learning platform

Live webinar: Accelerate the deployment and provisioning of your SharePoint e-learning platform

Challenges faced by today’s educational institutions typically lie in three main areas: efficiency, security, and accuracy.  

When it comes to building a Microsoft based e-learning platform, thousands of students, teachers, and parents’ accounts should be provisioned for tens or hundreds of your schools on an interrelated set of Microsoft application servers such as Active directory, SharePoint, Exchange, and Office Communication Server (OCS). In reality, these activities are painful. In such large-scale deployments of Microsoft Learning Gateway (MLG) or other connected e-learning solutions, manual provisioning becomes practically impossible. Consider data incompleteness and inconsistency. And add the fact that mass provisioning is needed every new academic year and ongoing re-provisioning is needed through the year.

Build your Microsoft e-learning platform. Automate your most mission-critical provisioning and ongoing management activities. Rely on a secure, reliable, and scalable provisioning solution; ITWorx Education Catalyst Provisioning Suite.
ITWorx introduces Catalyst 2.0, the second release of its market- sweeping provisioning product, with a richer set of functions and capabilities to further expedite and facilitate your provisioning processes.  

In this webinar you will learn how Catalyst can:

  • Decrease the provisioning time from weeks to hours.
  • Meet the real education business challenges.
  • Automate the synchronization with Schools’ Management Information Systems.
  • Guarantee data consistency and accuracy across the board.
  • Tailor to administrator needs for reduced complexity.

The Var Keyword- Implicitly Typed Local Variables

The var keyword has been introduced to C# 3.0. When the compiler encounters a var keyword, it implicitly initialize the variable to the type of the initialization expression. For example, if the compiler sees var s = "dummy string" it converts it to string s = "dummy string".

Therefore, an implicitly typed variable must be initialized. For example,
var s
is not a legal declaration.

The var keyword can not be used as a function parameter

Object Initialization Expressions

The object initialization expressions is another new C#3.0 feature. what is really cool about object initialization expressions is that they allow you to intialize new objects without calling the object constructor or set the properties. Below is an example of object initialization expressions.

public class Employee
    public int ID;
    public int Age;
    public int Salary;
    public string Name;

List employees = new List()
    new Employee(){ID=1,Age=27,Name = "John", Salary=3000},
    new Employee(){ID=1,Age=37,Name = "Sara", Salary=5000},
    new Employee(){ID=1,Age=31,Name = "Tommy", Salary=6000},

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