Get a Website Identifier from IIS6 using C#.Net

This function retrieves a website identifier from the IIS. Sometimes, you need a website identifier in order to connect to it and install something under it pragmatically. This function simply connects to the IIS and retrieve all the sub directories and then start searching for the desired website by its name and then return its identifier.

public static int GetWebSiteIdentifier(string server, string siteName)
   int siteIdentifier = 0;
     DirectoryEntry root = new DirectoryEntry("IIS://" + server + "/W3SVC");
     foreach (DirectoryEntry entry in root.Children)
       if (string.Compare(entry.SchemaClassName, "IIsWebServer", true) == 0 &&      string.Compare(entry.Properties["ServerComment"].Value.ToString(), siteName, true) == 0)
       siteIdentifier = Int32.Parse(entry.Name);
    throw new Exception("your message");

  return siteIdentifier;



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